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PLA Granules for Drink Straws-100℃

DEG-207B is a fully compostable polylactic acid extrusion grade modified material. It can produce compostable hot drinking straws but need to be baked at 100℃-120℃ for 90 seconds.

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1.48 g/cm3

Melt index(190℃/2.16kg)

15 g/10min

Heat resistant

Need to be baked at 100℃-120℃ for 90 seconds

For Type of Straw

Straight Straws


PLA Resin for Hot Drink Straws

This material can process in a traditional straw machine. For straight hot drinking straws. The straw can withstand the temperature of 100 ℃ (212°F) and is non-toxic and harmless. Our materials are certified by Din Certco and FDA.

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