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Using biodegradable products to protecting the environment!

100% Satisfaction

We have a dedicated R&D team to design your packaging needs for you, and guarantee that we will not sell your unique designs. Our professional sales team will answer all questions for you and provide professional and feasible suggestions!


The main ingredients of the product are PBAT, PLA, Starch, CaCO₃, which are biodegradable & compostable. The material comes from nature and can return to nature after use.

Controllable Lead Time

We are a manufacturer that has more than 100 production lines, can ensure your order finished on time!

Compostable resin-Blown Film Grade

CaCO3-Based PBAT PLA Resin

Use for shopping bags, garbage bags, pet poop bags, D cut bags, ect.

Starch-Based PBAT PLA Resin

Use for shopping bags, garbage bags, electronic products packing bags, ect.


Use for disposable knives, forks, non-heat resistant disposable utensils, ect.

Compostable resin-Extrusion Grade

PLA Resin For Drink Straws-DEG207A

For Extrusion Straw Making-60℃

PLA Granules For Drink Straws-DEG207B

For Extrusion Straw Making-100℃

PLA Resin For Hot Drink Straws-DEG207C

For Extrusion Straw Making-80℃

Compostable Bags

Biodegradable T-Shirt Bags

These bags can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in industrial composting

Biodegradable Plastic Garbage Bags

These bags are made of calcium carbonate-based PBAT material, which is well heat-sealed and load-bearing, and has a long shelf life.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

We provide low MOQ for small businesses. Welcome customized sticker loops, printing, and packaging solution.